What if you focused and maximized your Strengths - rather than trying to work on your Weaknesses?

Your talents, gifts, and strengths got you where you are today. 
Imagine how far you could go if you maximized them!

WHY are your strengths important?

Donald Clifton, founder of Selection Research, Inc. was fascinated by what differentiated successful people from not-so-successful people.  In 1988, Selection Research, Inc. acquired The Gallup Organization and continued his research to discover the best ways to maximize a person's potential.


He found that successful people did two things.

  • They invested in their strengths, not weaknesses
  • They organized their lives to play more to their strengths and away from their weaknesses

How much time are you wasting on filling the gaps in your skillset, i.e. your weaknesses?

I've been talking about and coaching on the Zone of Genius (named from Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap) for years.


The concept founded by Donald Clifton and Gallup resonates deeply with me.  If you're going to be more successful, happy, energetic, jazzed, passionate, and on-fire because you're working mostly in your Zone of Genius, it's probably because you're utilizing your top strengths. 


Merging Hendricks's work with Clifton's, now it makes sense why working in your Zone of Incompetence, Zone of Competence, and even your Zone of Excellence is a waste of time and a drain on your resources.  When you're in those other three zones, then you're working AWAY from your strengths and focusing on your weaknesses.

When you're in alignment, you're much closer to the right side of this meter, where you're  thriving. When you're out of alignment, you're closer to the left side, where you're suffering.

Alignment means you're functioning at optimum levels, producing positive emotions, engagement, productivity, and rapport in your relationships and environment.


When you're out of alignment, function is impaired, which produces negative emotions, lowered engagement and productivity, and perhaps some issues in your relationships and environment.


So what do you think playing to your strengths will do for your alignment?

Use your strengths to move you toward greater alignment and thriving.

When you play to your strengths effectively, your productivity increases.

Deeper understanding of self allows us to manage ourselves better.

Sign up for a Play to Your Strengths session

Take the CliftonStrengths® (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment, get your customized reports, and a customized session with me to dive deeply into your top 5 strengths and how you can maximize those for greater alignment, productivity, and happiness.


I'm a certified trainer through the Talent2Strength company (an official Gallup partner) where the focus is to identify your talents (your natural, fastest, unrehearsed stimuli in your environment) and how to come into greater alignment with your talents and develop them in to true strengths (where you engage in an activity with consistent, near-perfect performance).


Being a Talent2Strength certified trainer means I have access to the Gallup-approved, proprietary custom reports developed by Talent2Strength. These reports go beyond simply describing your talents uncovered by the CliftonStrengths® assessment. They help you understand the patterns of how they show up, when they're being maximized, and when they're getting in the way.

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment - The price includes the famous CliftonStrengths® assessment of 177 paired statements where you have 20 seconds to choose which one best describes you.  (If you've already taken the CliftonStrengths® (or StrengthsFinders) assessment, no worries.  Just choose the option below where you already know your top 5 strengths.) Value $19.99

  • Top 5 Talents Report - This is one of the customized reports you'll receive specific to you and your top 5 strengths (or talents, if you're already speaking this lingo!). Value $25

  • Theme Anatomy Report - This customized report details each of your talents with its purpose, need (the needs that must be met in order for that talent to fulfill its purpose), patterns (how the talents show up in your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors), matches (what happens when a talent is aligned with a particular situation), enablers (unlocking the best of your talent), and mismatches (what happens when a theme is improperly matched to a situation - the shadow side, so to speak, of your talent).  Value $25

  • Private 1:1 session with me - For 45-60 minutes in this customized session, I'll help you connect more powerfully to your top 5 strengths (talents), how to recognize them, and how to use them most effectively.

No matter your situation (career, personal life, relationships), knowing your natural talents and how to maximize them is going to show up huge in all areas of your life.



I've been coaching since 2005, so I bring MY strengths to you, as I've been doing naturally for over 15 years.  (Now I just understand how and why I do that!)


And the more I use the framework of aligning yourself to your environment or to an activity with the CliftonStrengths tool, I see the results over and over - with me and with my clients.

Wouldn't you rather be closer to THRIVING on that Alignment Meter, rather than toward the other end?


CliftonStrengths® Assessmentt - $19.99 value (this is my cost, with no upcharge to you)



2 customized reports - $50 value (these reports are only available through a Certified Talent2Strength Trainer)



45-60 minute customized session with me - Where we can really dive into your unique talents, how they show up, how you can maximize them, and how you can dial them up or down for best effectiveness

Get your Play to Your Strengths session now!

I'm looking forward to diving into your top 5 talents and showing you what's possible in terms of your happiness, productivity, and impact when you're in alignment!

P.S.: And just to be fair, here are my top 5 strengths (talents).  Pretty cool, huh? This is also an example of one of the customized reports YOU get when you sign up for a Play to Your Strengths session with me!

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